Corpus Christi, TX – August 2015


This year, Michael E. of Bella Beauty College in Corpus Christi won first place in the Fantasy Competition at the 2014 IMAGE Hair Show in Houston. Michael only enrolled with Bella Beauty College in June of 2013, but has had a lifelong passion for fantasy hair and makeup, 08.2014 - #6.1so when the competition was announced he jumped at the opportunity to participate. As a beauty salon and cosmetology school, Corpus Christi’s Bella Beauty College helps to transform students into intelligent and creative stylists who will develop lifelong skills that they can take with them into any beauty profession.  


Each year, students from all 5 of the Bella Beauty College campuses attend several hair shows throughout the year, but the IMAGE Hair Show in Houston is one of the largest and most prestigious. Interested competition contestants were required to create a video submission. Those who were chosen as finalists were given the chance to compete in Houston live on 08.2014 - #6.3stage at the IMAGE Hair Show. Although hundreds of videos were submitted, only 13 finalists move on; Michael was one of them.  


Michael recalls his first experience with fantasy hair and makeup, “I did theater makeup and hair throughout high school. That experience along with all the new skills I  have acquired at Bella Beauty College definitely helped me out when it came time to execute my master creation. After creating my style for the first time, the best advice my instructors gave me was to make sure everything had balance.” Michael recruited the modelling services of his friend and classmate Taylor T. to act as the
08.2014 - #6.2perfect canvas to create his remarkable final product live on stage.  


In the end, Michael stood as the sole winner of the 2014 Fantasy Hair Competition and won the grand prize of cash and products from the IMAGE Hair Show organization.  This accomplishment will be on Michael’s resume for a long time and will help to differentiate himself from his competitors when searching for a job.  Michael’s win is an excellent example why students are encouraged to participate and attend industry hair shows. As well as being entertaining, the hair shows are extremely educational with classes and workshops by professionals from every facet of the beauty industry and famous stylists from around the world.



About Bella Beauty College:

Unlike many other hair salons in the area, Bella Beauty College in Corpus Christi doubles as a hair salon and cosmetology school. Corpus Christi beauty services are provided by student stylists who have completed a minimum of 150 hours of course training. All students are overseen by licensed instructors who provide guidance and support for students performing the typical services of any other nail and hair salon. Corpus Christi is just one of the five Bella Beauty College campus locations around the state including Corpus Christi, South Austin, North Austin, San Antonio, and Waco.




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