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The Corpus Christi Bella Beauty College is currently offering color correction services for color treatments gone wrong. Bella Beauty College, one of the area’s leading beauty salons, has seen an uptrend in at-home coloring kits gone wrong!  “Lately we have had customers coming in who have either been victim of a very bad color job or have attempted to do their own out of the box coloring at home. Ultimately, the result is less than satisfactory,” said Education Director, Lyn Castillo, at the Corpus Christi salon.  The problem with boxed highlights and lowlights treatments, is that while inexpensive, they are also dangerous for the overall health of hair. The color box kit you may pick up in your local beauty or grocery store contains colors with a much higher chemical compound than what your professional beauty salon uses.  


At Bella Beauty College, students are not only trained in proper hair color techniques, but also study the biology and anatomy hair and basic chemistry to completely comprehend 07.2015 - #6.1the nature of hair color and the science behind the art of beauty.  ”Providing a great color service involves a substantial knowledge base along with a good amount of training and skill,” stresses Castillo.  Boxed treatments may apply the color, but the expertise and education of a stylist would be missing.  In the end, not only could the at-home botched color job look unprofessional, but customers may end up doing considerable damage to their hair. The Corpus Christi Salon wanted to increase awareness in their community when it comes to using boxed kits for hair color treatments along with the implications of DIY hair color. Going directly to a professional for your highlights and lowlights will not only save time, but money in the long run.  One box of color treatment costs approximately $12-$14, but when you factor in hair damage and restoration, along with the cost to have a salon strip and recolor your hair, the price becomes substantially more.  


The Corpus Christi hair salon is highly regarded for the quality hair color services which in clues highlights and lowlights, semi, demi and permanent color, as well as color corrections.  “Our salon hax already serviced quite a few customers who had trouble with their at-home boxed kit hair coloring gone bad,” explains Castillo. “The convenience of buying a box
07.2015 - #6.3color kit can cause many to be swayed. We hope that people will forego the ‘cheaper’ alternative, and come to Bella Beauty College a professional hair color treatment provided by our stylists.  Our beauty school students are expertly trained, and provide lasting, professional results every time.”  Cheaper than your typical beauty salon, this Corpus Christi beauty school offers hair color services starting at just $35.  Hair color pricing at Bella Beauty College is customized to each individual client and depends on the length of your hair along with the type and number of colors desired.  Prior to every services, each client will have a one on one color consultation with their beauty school student to discuss the options, desired outcome and price.  For those who come to Bella Beauty College seeking a color correction after a botched at-home treatment, your color consultation may include services available to bring your hair back to a health.  At this Corpus Christi hair salon, walk-ins are always welcome, but for clients seeking hair color services, appointments are recommended, to provide 
expedient service. 



About Bella Beauty College:

Bella Beauty College is a leading Corpus Christi beauty school and beauty salon and has been a major influence in the area for three decades, training  thousands of beauty technicians in hair, skin and nails.  Run on a clock-hour program, as opposed to a traditional semester based system,  Bella Beauty College is always enrolling new students.  Starting school is fast and easy, both part-time and full-time schedules are available to be customized to a student’s individual needs, with classes starting every other week.  With a total of five locations, Bella Beauty Colleges can be found in North Austin, South Austin, Corpus Christi, Waco and San Antonio.




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